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Reunion December 2008, Orland, FL

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Announcement:  TRADEVMAN (TD) Reunion 2007

Marine TD Personnel Reunion

TRADEVMAN (TD) Association Reunion 2004

Michael L. Beck aka: "Mike Beck"
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A - Names      TOP

Adopt a Platoon
Operation Adopt a Platoon:
A web site maintained by member Ed Harrelson TDC USN RET.

Alford, Jim T

Allen, Robert S.

Allseitz, Leonard E. "Leo"

Announcement:  TRADEVMAN (TD) Reunion 2007

B - Names      TOP

Baker, Nickie D.

Beaky, V. B.

Bean, James S.

Beauchene, Robert J.

Beck, Larry D.

Beck, Michael "Mike"

Bellefleur, Philip A.

Bermingham, Kevin

Besemer, Mike D.

Blay, Larry L.

Boeding, Roger L. "Boe"

Bonarrigo, Perry

Bond, Tim

Bosque, Raul A.

Bosworth, Larry K.

Braman, Frank D.

Brennan, Mike M.


Bridgman, Harold Martin, Jr

Bristow, Scott

Brumley, Greg

Bryarly, Penny

Burke, Mary A.

Burnett, Thomas W.

Business Links  If you have a Business Website you would like to have listed send me a email with the url.

C - Names      TOP

Cambell, Arnold H.

Campos, Mike

Cardin, Robert J.

Carras, Jim J.

Carroll, Ralph J.

Carver, Rodger

Chiarelli, Phillip J.

Cheney, Chester E.

Childers, John T.

Cifarelli, Thomas

Ciszar, Daniel D.

Clark, Charles A

Comstock, George

Cosgrove, Dale G.

Crawley, James E.

Courtney-McSween, Kathleen M.

Cutler, John E.

Cine-Globe Theatre
Aerial Gunnery Trainer Device 3-A-40-C, modified.

COMS:  Contractor Operation and Maintenance of Simulators, # 16.
The Replacement of TRADEVMEN.

Cookies - Monitoring - Tracking
Is Not done on this Web Site to preserve User - Viewer Privacy.

Cwynar, Ray E.

D - Names      TOP

Dalton, Mary A.

Damewood, Dan

Daniels, Mickey R.

Davey, Hal

Delaney, Edward "Ed"

Denison, Robert D. 

Detroye, Jeris

Dial, Roger A.

Dickeski, Frank J.

Diekhoff, Denis

Donley, Floyd Trent

Dodd, Larry W.

Downs, Lee B. "Top DoG"

Dover, Timothy S. "Tim"

Drone, Vic

Duncan, Billy

Durham, Michael K.

Directory of Naval Training Devices


E - Names      TOP

Eaton, Bill

Erickson, Dale

Everard, Michael Scott

Eystad, Alfred "A"

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F - Names      TOP

Faulkner, Clifford

Ferris, Alonzo "Lon"

Fillhard, Larry L.

Fike, Jerry A.

Fix, David F.

Foote, Growner W.

Fallon Nevada, NAS, TRADEVMEN - TRADEVMAN Reunion, Tri-annual
Lorrie Grell  has some details.

Females, were they the First TD's?

Film Library Christmas

Florida's Forgotten Coast?  No way, not any more, see:
Visit to:  Discover Great Gulf Coast Vacation Amenities of St. George Island
Just offshore of Apalachicola, FL.  Click "Products" on left-side when page opens.

Foote/Poff, Susan

Fortenberry, Bobby Joe

Francis, Larry Scott

G - Names      TOP

Gamble, Terry L.

Garner, Sonia A.

Genung, Joel M.

Gilbert, Timothy A. "Tim"

Glose, Diane M.

Grantham, Daniel Lee

Grau, Dennis Wayne

Grell, Lorrie M.

H - Names      TOP

Hall, Al

Hall, Larry (n)

Harmon, Jim l.

Harrelson, Edward "Ed" L.

Hauk, Susan

Hedges, Harry "Butch"

Heimsoth, Neil R.

Henley, Samuel E.

Henry, Emil Maurice

Henson, R. W.

Henwood, Harold  E.  "Woody"

Hodges, Linda N.

Hoffman, William "Skip"

Hoffmeister, Derek "Rick"


Holland, John R.

Hoover, Don

Houseman, Vee
Recently informed by Charles Matheson, Sr. a grand lady has passed away.

Hoyt, George E. "Pete"

Hurlbut, Francis D. "Frank"

Hutchinson, James Earl  "Jim" "Hutch"


I - Names      TOP

Ippolito, Robert G. "Bob"

Isherwood, Joseph M.  "Joe"

Icon - Image Files, TRADEVMAN

Initiated by Choice - Proud of Tradition

J - Names      TOP

Johnson, Don

Jones, Beauford H. "BEAU"

Jones, Jim W.

Jake the Wonder Dog by Jerry Newingham
Adult Content, do not go there if you are easily offended.

K - Names      TOP

Kendall, Jim

Kennedy, Michael L.

Kent, Bennie R. "BR"

Kester, Robert J. "Bob"

Klien, Tom

Knight, David A. "Fuzzy"

Knaus, John D.

Kolar, Charles F.

Kraemer, Jacqueline R. "Jackie"

Kraiker, Fred William

L - Names      TOP

Larson, Gerald L.

Larson, Mark L.

Lauer, Vee
Recently informed by Charles Matheson, Sr. a grand lady has passed away.

Leonard, Gary P. 

Lennstrom, Glen

Lewis, Allen R. 

Lorino, Sam G.

Lowe, Mark J.

Lowry, Richard D.

Luke, Jimmie E.

Lynch, Daniel F.

Link Trainer Instrument Panel 1-CA-1, 96.8KB downLoad

Link Trainer Instrument Panel 1-CA-1, 20KB popUp

The Link Trainer, U.S. Air Force Museum

The Link Trainer, Wings of Liberation Museum

Link Trainer "?" Simulator History
Link Trainer "?" Simulator Pictures
both by Kevin Moore of Brighton, England (UK) from across the pond.

Luke, Jimmie E.

Lutz, Paul

M - Names      TOP

MacLauchlan, Ernest W. "Ernie"

Malone, Kathy
Front Line Coaching for Military to Civilian Transition.

Marine USMC TD Personnel Reunion

Marsh, Larry

Martin, Daniel 'Dan'

Masculine, Homer Joe

McNulty, Jan

Mauldin, Charles "Al"

Meier, Edward C. "Ed"

Metty, Robert J.

Miller, Aloysius I. "Chip"

Miller, Gerald A. "Gerry"

Minick, Kenneth "KC"

Millner, Robert J.

Mitchell, William B. "Bill"

Moreland, Rayburn D.

Morgan, Donald W. "Don"

Morrell, Robert "Mitch"

Moyers, Jon Daniel  "Pops"

Myers, Jimmie L.

N - Names      TOP

Naval Aviation News 

Check out the Nov '75 (page 36) and the April '76 (page 29) issues.

National Center for Simulation, The

Nelson, Dennis E. "Beav"

Nelson, Harvey C.

Nelson, R. P. "RP"

Nord, Al L.

Noto, Carl "Denny"

O - Names      TOP

Ober, Robert "Bob"

Oliver, Charles A.

Olson, Jack "Bill"

P - Names      TOP

Palmer, Orin E.

Partridge, Robert

Patterson, Jerry E.

Peeters, Jacques T.

Peralta, Julio Hector
Guest from Cordoba, Argentina

Peters, Hans O.

Peterson, Jon Pete

Picotte, Arthur J.  "Art or Tony"

Pierce, Hal

Pisani, Michael Mike

Pogue, Thomas W. "Tom"

Poole, Chris M.

Poole, Stephen R. "Steve"

Powell, Preston S.

Pritchard, Henry E.

Pruett, David  "Buddha"

Puckey, Jim

Pulliam, Joyce D. "Jody"

Q - Names      TOP


R - Names      TOP

Richards, Harry J.

Ramey, Don

Reed, Willard

Riddell, Robert "Bob"

Rigden, William "Bill"

Rillo, Alfred G. 'Al'

Rosen, Barry

Ross,William H. "OldFart"


Retired USN Patch
64KB downLoad - click patch to return to this page

Reunion February 2007 Las Vegas, NV
Information Page:

Reunion 2004 - TRADEVMAN (TD) Association

Russell, John N. "J R"

S - Names      TOP

Saari, Theodore H.  "Ted"

Saffle, Richard

Schall, Ronald

Schaefer, William A. "Bill"

Schreiber, Brain P.

Schroeder, William E.

Segal, Allan

Seaman, Charles E. "Chuck"

Shelton, Charles L.

Shenosky, Paul M.

Shepard, Russell "Russ"

www dot Simulation Information dot Com
National Center for Simulation, The

Sikes, Phillip E.

Singley, Maurice Austin

Sinks, James "Jim"

Slaughter, Thomas "Jerry"

Smith, Jim W.  "JW"

Smith, Paul E.

Smith, Walter L.

Sneed, Charles G.

Snider, Mick

Snyder, Frank F.  "PitBob"

Spade, Rosemary E.

Spidel, Robert

Stafford, Chuck

Strange, Jack

Swank, Thomas L.  "Tom"

Searching for ex - TD's, SAD's, SP(LT)'s

Sea Stories by TD's

Simulator Sickness

Subic Bay History Muster

T - Names      TOP

Tannehill, Charles W. L. "Charlie"

Taylor, Carl D.

Taylor, Jack A.

Tholl, Richard M.

Thompson, Linda Snyder

Thompson, Ronald J. "Ron"

Tontsch, Charles J. "Chuck"

Tousley, Charles D.

Thurston, Jim W.

Tipton, Jim "Tip"

Todd, John M.

Tousley, Charles D.

1.  TD Data List - Names Only - as on Hardcopy.
Dated 28-SEP-02:  3,193 names:  143KB downLoad

2.  TD Data List - Names Added since 28-SEP-02
Names NOT on Hard-Copy Printed/Published TD Data List.

3.  TD Data List - Searching for Information
A List of some known of former TD's not on Data List.
If you know of - about someone else, Click 4 to help add - locate.

4.  Add a Name to - for TD Data List - Easy Form Input
It's O.K. (permitted - preferred) to add yourself.
For a Name  NOT  on List of 28-SEP-02 nor added since.

5.  Make Yourself a Member Page
Easy to do - simple fill-out a form

6.  TRADEVMAN (TD) Association Officers
List of who to send association dues/fee to obtain the detailed Data List.

U - Names      TOP


V - Names      TOP

Vydra, Jim

Vydra, Victor F. "Vic"

W - Names      TOP

Wachs, Donald W. "Don"

Wagner, Albert C.

Ward, Robert M.

Watts, Frank

Webb, Mark "Norman"

Weir, George A.

Wilson, Joe N.

Whitcomb, John E. "Whit"

Women SP(T) = TD; circa 1943 - 1945

Woodward, John N. "Woodie"

Wymore, Charles R.

X - Names      TOP


Y - Names      TOP


Z - Names      TOP


Zehner, James W "Jim"

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