Joe N. Wilson


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Currently living in Charlotte, NC

The Navy years:
August 1956 to January 1975

My other life:
Retired from NAS Oceana and lived in Va. Beach while I completed a BS in Business Administration at Old Dominion University, Norfolk, VA.  We moved to Greensboro, NC in 1977.  I worked as the Technical Services Manager for the Greensboro Daily New and Record.  Left Greensboro in 1982 and moved to Charlotte.  I joined a small electronics company, Process Systems, which made energy measurement devices and software programs for energy data collection.  The primary market for PSI was electric utility companies and some sales to large industrials.  I worked in service, sales and later became the Marketing Manager.  PSI was sold to Siemens Power Transmission and Distribution Company, Raleigh, NC in 1997.  Two years later, the Charlotte manufacturing plant was closed and that function was moved to Lafayette, IN.  Some sales, service and engineering services stayed in Charlotte for another two years until the facility was closed and the remaining functions were relocated to other Siemens facilities.  I took a buy-out in February 2000 but remained on as a consultant working part-time until the doors were locked for good.  I presently work part-time for Dynazign, Inc an electronic design firm located in Charlotte.

Duty Stations:
Aug/56-Nov/56 NTC Great Lakes, IL SR
Nov/56-Jan/57 ANPA Norman, OK SA
Jan/57-Jun/56 TDA School NATTC Memphis, TN TDAN
Jun/56-Jul/59 FAETUPAC Barbers Point, HI TD3, TD2
Jul/59-May/60 TDB School NATTC Memphis, TN TD2
May/60-Jul/64 FAETULANT Key West, FL TD1
Jul/64-Jan/66 FAETULANT Norfolk, VA TD1
Jan/66-Jun/71 FAETULANT Cecil Field, FL TDC
Jun/71-Jan/75 FAETULANT Oceana, VA TDC

For my friends and former shipmates, my e-mail address below is obscured to prevent harvesting by spam-bots.  It will be necessary for you to manually open your e-mail sender/client and type in my address.

E-Mail Address

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