Jack "Bill" Olson


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Currently living/residing in Albany, Georgia.
My last TRADEVMAN duty was Corpus Christi NAS Feb 68 - Oct 69:
(Why is it I can remember these but not what I had for lunch today, I'm only 58!!!)
Sep 1966 - Feb 1968: TD3 - FAETUPAC-DET, NAS BARBERS POINT, Hawaii.

One of the best decisions I made.  Joined the Navy in 1965. Got LUCKY and got TD.  Both the Avionics and TD schools retraining me in the learning process.

I became hungry for that electronic knowledge. Had some excellent mentors (Chief Tony Rendine- FAETUPAC Barbers Point, TD2 Chuck Hinish - FAETUPAC Barbers Point, Chief Holliman, NAS Corpus).  I was truly blessed by just being around these folks.  Oh, and then there was Chief Fritz in Corpus, he was only there a short time till he retired to somewhere in Florida, but was sharp as a tack.

Got out in 69 and used the knowledge and was able to expand on it with jobs in the government.  Retired with 30 years as GS 13 Electronics Supervisor in the Automatic Testing area.

Would love to hear from Bob Comstock (TD2) Corpus Christi in 1968-69.

For my friends and former shipmates, my e-mail address below is obscured to prevent harvesting by spam-bots.  It will be necessary for you to manually open your e-mail client and type in my address.

bill olson e-mail address

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