Ernest W. MacLauchlan


aka:  TD1 Ernie MacLauchlan

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Currently living - residing in South Weymouth, MA.

My TRADEVMAN Duty Stations were:

NAS South Weymouth, MA
Sub School Groton, CT
NATTC Millington, TN

Converted from SK2 to TD2 in Millington 1976,
made TD1 at Advanced Submarine School in Groton, CT
then was transfered to NAS South Weymouth,
then was converted to IC1 and transfered to USS LY Spear,
made Chief IC and transfered to COMSUBRON 6,
retired in 1988

My TRADEVMAN webPage(s) are under construction,
in the meantime you may view my AOL Member Pages "here" if you have Javascript enabled in your webBrowser:
My Hometown Index Page  |  My Auto-Biography  |  Our Honda VTX

For my friends and former shipmates, my e-mail address below is obscured to prevent harvesting by spam-bots.  It will be necessary for you to manually open your e-mail sender/client and type in my address.

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