i hung out on the wall of TD B school for years

Honorary TD1 Retired

Typical "Groatie Old First Class"

I spent more time in the TD 'B' School Coffee Mess at NATTC Memphis than anybody.  Takes great talent to keep pace with me.  If you could only hear some of the sea-stories I was subjected to, you would know why I'm considered the Good Luck Charm to visit just before test time for students.  Pray to Beaky and you should be successful.

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NEXT:  I am 'flipped - rotated 90 degrees' for printing in LANDSCAPE Mode on an 8.5 by 11 inch sheet of paper in two versions with dimensions of nwn pixels wide by nhn pixels high at 96ppi-dpi which will be about 7.35 by 9.5 inches, unless you modify:

Version # 1  is with the light blue background as above.

Version # 2  is with a white background which is transparent.

You may also Right Click - Alternate Select # 1 or # 2 above and Save Target As to your computer:  Beaky683x529.gif (blue) or Beaky683t529.gif (transparent).

The original version of this image of "Beaky" was sent to Jack Taylor from J. Earl Hutchinson who had it sent to him.  If you know who has the original art work - picture would you advise - inform me, or have her/him contact me.

contact info, current webMaster: Jack Taylor
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