Richard "Rick" Saffle

TD2 USN RET(disability)

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Currently living - residing in Davenport, Iowa.

I entered the Navy in 1975, and after Basic I was deployed on the USS Kitty Hawk, CV63 (FOX Div.) for the '75 WestPac.  I went to TD "A" School at NATTC Memphis in 1976, then was assigned to NavSubTraCenPac, Pearl Harbor from 1977 -1979.  Unable to get the orders I wanted, I signed a one year contract with the Army National Guard in an Active Slot with the 732d Maint. Batt. as a 34G Combat Computer Tech.  I re-entered the Navy in 1980 and reported to 32d St NavSta in San Diego.  While there, I suffered an accident in medical (reaction to vaccine, overseas booster shots) and ended up with chronic hepatitus.  I was given disbility retirement in 1986.

Since military retirement, I have pursued a civil service career except a few years in 1989 when I was caught in a RIF action within the DOD.  During that time I worked as a contractor for IBM and Apple Computer as well as consulting small businesses.

I have since been able to return to Civil Service and am now working for the Defense Finance & Accounting Service as a GS-2210 I.T. Specialist.  My current duties include System Administration, Network Management and deployment, Network Security, Digital Media Production, and other duties such as end user support and training.  I also perform depot level maintenance on legacy systems out of contract.

For my friends and former shipmates, my e-mail address below is obscured to prevent harvesting by spam-bots.  It will be necessary for you to manually open your e-mail sender/client and type in my address.

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