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    2006 News

  1. 2006.JAN.04:  Reunion 2007;  Per Frank Watts telephone conversation this afternoon.
    TRADEVMAN Reunion Scheduled for second week of February 2007 Las Vegas, NV
    Details being arranged by Ron Thompson  TDCM USN RET
    More information will be posted here or on a separate page when formalized.

  2. 2006.JAN.06:  Operation Adopt a Platoon.  'Link posted'   Adopt a Platoon
    A web site maintained by member Ed Harrelson TDC USN RET.

  3. 2006.01.20:  Reunion 2007... Received from Ron Thompson on 2006.01.16
    Reunion dates will be FEB 11, 12, and 13 of 2007.
    To:  Content of full message

  4. 2006.03.15:  Posted revision to 2007 Reunion Page

  5. 2006.04.01:  Added Member web pages:
    Chet Cheney,  Terry Gamble,  Jim Kendall,  Mike Kennedy,  John Knaus,  Allen Lewis,
    Chuck Oliver,  Orin Palmer,  Russ Shepard,  Jerry Slaughter,  Joe Wilson.

  6. 2006.04.05:  Posted "ALERT" revision to 2007 Reunion Page
    Hotel issue.

  7. 2006.05.05:  Added Member web pages;
    Frank Braman,  Roger Dial,  Joyce "Jody" Pulliam,  Charles G. Sneed

  8. 2006.06.23:  CHANGE of Address; Reunion Organizer - Point of Contact
    Thompson, Ronald J. "Ron" TDCM USN RET

  9. 2006.07.31:  ALERT - CHANGES;
    Posted revision to 2007 Reunion Page
    Reunion Registration Fee, $45 now vs. $35,
    and Hotel Requires Group Code PPBO211 to get "TD Group Rate."

  10. 2006.08.03:  Added Member web pages;
    John Childers,  John Holland,  Paul Shenosky,  Mark "Norman" Webb

  11. 2006.11.22:  Added Member web pages;
    Raul Bosque,  John Cutler,  Larry Dodd,  Emil Maurice Henry, Jr.  Linda (Thompson) Hodges,  David "Fuzzy" Knight,  Glen Lennstrom,  Al Nord,  Henry Pritchard

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