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aka:  James -or- 'Jim'

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Currently living-residing in Phenix City, AL

My TRADEVMAN dot ORG page(s) are (always) under construction.

A bit of history of 22 years of being a TD
Sept 1958 - April 1959 TD 'A' School Millington, TN.
April 1959 - Jan 1962 HT-8 Ellyson Field, Pensacola, FL (1-CA-1, H)
Jan 1962 - April 1962 Civilian Life (89 days(was a Barber)
April 1962 - Dec 1965 NATTC Glynco, GA 15-J1Cs
Jan 1966 - Sept 1966 TD 'B' School Millington, TN
Oct 1966 - Nov 1966 Data Systems School Mare Island, Vallejo, CA
Nov 1966 - Sept 1968 NAS Whiting Field, Milton FL (2B21)
Oct 1968 - Feb 1969 Data Systems USQ-20 A,B Maintenance Course, Mare Island, CA
Feb 1969 - Jan 1974 FASO Det NAS Oceana, VA (2F69, A6A)
Jan 1974 - June 1975 ADCOP Tidewater CC, Va Beach VA (BAA}
June 1975 - Nov 1979 FASO HG NAS Norfolk, VA (2F106 LAMPS)

Worked for Sperry-SECOR from Oct 1979 (60 days terminal leave) to April 1981
Installed the ARBS update for the A4 (2F90) in plant, then disassembled and reassembled/installed the device at El Toro, CA. Then went to MCAS Yuma, AZ to retro fit their trainer. Support contact expired in 1981. Left SECOR and went with Watkins-Johnson ATE Division. Performed Field Service on ADATE Automatic Test Equipment at Warner Robins, GA and San Diego, CA.
Started attending National University in San Diego to complete my Bachelor degree in Business.
In 1984 worked as a consulant for two companies, Burnside-Ott and Dynaelectron, on proposal for COMS conracts on the helo trainers at NAS North Island, CA. Both companies won their respectives contracts. Conducted hiring interviews for Burnside-Ott and made recommendations for hire.
In 1985 left WJ and went with Cubic in San Diego, CA. Worked as a Test Engineer on the B1-B program. Was responsible for the Offensive Radar Officer position.
Completed my BA in March '86 and entered their Masters program for Operations Management with Emphasis on Government contracts.
In 1986 (1 day shy of 1 year employment with Cubic) the B-1B program was moved to Boeing-Seattle. Spent the next 10 months in Renton WA with Frontier Engineering under contract to Boeing working with Cubic personnel doing the same job I was doing before the move.
Returned to San Diego and continued my Masters program. Graduated in Dec. 1988.
Was laid off from Frontier Engineering and went to work with
Northern TeleCom in Rancho Bernando, CA as a Sr Test System Technician for for testing their IC's before distribution to their assembly plants. Started a Masters program at National University for Instructional Technology/Adult Training.
Completed program in Dec 1991.
Northern TeleCom's manufacturing unit was sold in August 1993. Was laid off again.
In 1994 went to work with Viejas Casino and Turf Club as a Video Technician (Slot tech)
Worked with them for 6 years and went from 350 machines to 1500 as the tribes fought many political battles with the state of California over the legality of Gaming. Advanced from Video Tech to Video Operations Manager. Responsible for all Video Slot machines, over 55 floor and repair tech (24/7 operations)plus over 125 change personnel including supervisors and Shift Managers. Statewide referendum in 1999 made all Indian Casinos legal. Retired in June 2000 when the Management was being replaced by 'Las Vegas' experienced personnel. This experience was the only experience in my post Navy career that was anywhere close to having the excitement and camaraderie of the TD experience.

For my friends and former shipmates, my e-mail address below is obscured to prevent harvesting by spam-bots.  It will be necessary for you to manually open your e-mail sender/client and type in my address.

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