To provide onLine communication and information among ex-TD's.

Just enough to say you were nice to know and we wish you smooth sailing.

We served together, many of us like to remember shipmates, and many of us like to keep in touch with past shipmates.

Website and pages FOR and ABOUT people formerly serving in the U.S. Navy now disestablished Rate of TRADEVMAN - Training Devices Man - TD, SAD, SPT Rate and their U.S. Marine Corps counterparts along with Specialist - Civil Service - Tech Reps - Contractor Personnel and other Associated people nominated by an association member who supported simulators, training aids, training devices, weapons system trainers for flight - surface - submarine warfare.

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WebSite opened - started Friday, November 15, 2002.

    It is expected to revise - update the Member Pages and News Pages on a very regular basis.


This webSite is Not part of the TRADEVMAN (TD) Association/Associates.   TRADEVMAN dot ORGanization and TRADEVMAN (TD) Associates are two Different-Seperate Entities.  dot ORG does not receive financial support from the Association.   This webSite is the result of motivation and philosophical discussion "over a cup of coffee or cool ones" at Las Vegas 2002 Associates Reunion that "we ought to have our own webSite."  Just good ole boys saying "let's do it."   Nothing Official!

The setting of cookies, monitoring user - viewer, tracking usage is Not done on this web site.  You are anonymous when viewing www.tradevman.org pages.
See:  No Cookies - No Monitoring - No Tracking
This was a decision made from day one.  Strictly an attempt to encourage people from our peer group to participate without intrusion into their privacy.
The individual named member pages linked to on the Members Index Page are Not from the TRADEVMAN (TD) Associates Membership List.  Each person listed on this web site submitted information directly and seperately to build a page.  The PAGE - 2002.September.28 "Names on TD Data List" does not contain any personal contact - location information.  Purchase the "Full List" by paying membership dues.

If you are a former member of one of the groups described in the first paragraph above, you are encouraged and invited to contribute and participate.

You may join TRADEVMAN (TD) Associates by sending Twenty-Five ($25.00) and receive a CD, which includes a list of all the TD's we know of (living and deceased), and  Associates. Current list date JAN-2005, with a few thousand names, (most with) residence address, phone numbers, e-mail addresses:
The list residence address and list e-mail address and list phone number is not on this web site.

Send dues to: ($25.00/2 years) 
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Share something about yourself with other TD's about your life as a TD and your life after moving on from military training devices/aids.  Ever wonder what happened to someone else?  Chances are there are numerous people with who you are not in contact with, and they occasionally think about you.  Let'em know.  Let's tell our "sea stories" before the smoking lamp goes out on us.

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TD2 - TD3 - TDAN - TDAA - TDAR entry pages to be included as soon as the graphic - image - picture of each is completed.

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