Bennie R. Kent


aka:  TDC Ben "BR" Kent

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Currently living - residing in Pensacola, FL

Last TRADEVMAN duty was May of 1961:
Chief, NAMTD Training Aids Department, VA43, Virginia Beach, VA.

TD School Pictures below  - followed by a list of my duty stations.

A Brief History of service:
Joined the navy in March, 1948 and went to Boot Camp in San Diego.
Attended Airman(P) School, NATTC Memphis in 1948.
Attended TD(A) School in 1948-49.
Stationed at NAS Corpus Christi from January 1949 to November 1952.
Attended 1CA1 Link Trainer(C) school TAD to Memphis while stationed at Corpus.
Stationed at Argentia, New Foundland from December 1952 to June 1953.
Attended TD(B) School August 1953 to Jan 1954.  Was retained onboard NATTC as instructor in TD(B) School.
Was discharged from navy in Mar 1957.  Re-enlisted 30 days later.  Sent to NAS Norfolk, Va.
Assigned to A3D OFT in Sanford, FL where I made TDC in APR 1958.
Assigned as CPOIC NAMTD Training Aids Detachment, Virginia Beach, VA. in 1958.
Commisioned LDO in Jun 1961 and assigned to Fleet Operations Control Center, Pacific,(FOCCPAC) Kunia, Hawaii in Jan 1962.
Assigned to CAW 15, Lemoore, CA in Jan 1965.  Made two combat cruises to WestPac onboard USS Coral Sea and USS Constallation.
Assigned to NAS Albany, GA in Jun 1967 as AIMD Avionics Officer.
Assigned to Defense Communications Agency, Souteast Asia Mainland, Saigon, Vietnam (DCASAM).  Assigned as Chief, DCA Detachment, Pleiku, Vietnam. Selected LCDR in Jan 1971.
Assigned to CNATRA, Pensacola, FL in 1971.  CNATRA relocated to NAS Corpus Christi in 1972.
Assigned to Reconnasance Squadron Two (VQ2), Rota, Spain as Maintenance Control Office.  Subsequently assigned as Asst Maintenance Officer and Maintenance Officer.
Assigned to NAS Pensacola, FL for retirement.

Brief description of my career:

1948-1948 White Hat Navy
1948-1961 Chiefs' Navy
1961-1978 Officers' Navy
1948-1962 Brown Shoe Navy
1962-1965 Black Shoe Navy
1965-1970 Brown Shoe Navy
1970-1971 Purple Suited Agency
1971-1978 Brown Shoe Navy


I thoroughly enjoyed my navy career and was lucky enough to have a varied career pattern.

B. R. KENT Pictures

January 1949, TD 'A' School Class, "Flat Hat School Days"

TD 'B' School Class

For my friends and former shipmates, my e-mail address below is obscured to prevent harvesting by spam-bots.  It will be necessary for you to manually open your e-mail sender/client and type in my address.

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Special Devices Division, 1950, NAS Corpus Christi, TX

A list of my duty stations

Time - Period Rating - Rank Duty Station
08/77 - 06/78 LCDR NAS Pensacola, FL
08/74 - 07/77 LCDR VQ2
Rota, Spain
07/71 - 08/73 LCDR CNATRA
Corpus Christi, TX
06/70 - 06/71 LCDR Purple Suit
06/67 - 06/70 LT AIMD
NAS Albany, GA
01/65 - 06/67 LT CAW-15
Lemoore, CA
01/62 - 01/65 LTJG FOCCPAC
(Fleet Operations Control Center, Pacific)
Kunia, Hawaii
08/58 - 09/61 TDC/Ensign NAMTD Det, VA-43
Virginia Beach, VA
07/57 - 06/58 TD1/TDC NAMTD
Sanford, FL
05/57 - 07/57 TD1 NAMTD
NAS Norfolk, VA
07/53 - 03/57 TD1 TD(B) School Student & Instructor
NATTC Memphis TN
12/52 - 6/53 TD2 Photo and Training Dept
NAS Argentia, NewFoundland
01/49 - 11/52 TDAN/TD2 Special Devices,
NAS Corpus Chrisit, TX
09/48 - 01/49 TDAN TD(A) School
07/48 - 09/48 AA Airman (P) School NATTC, Memphis, TN
03/48 - 07/48 SR/SA US Naval Training Center San Diego, CA