John E. Cutler


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Currently living - residing in Arkadelphia, AR

I became an RN after retirement. Worked in that about 17 years and retired fully in Sept 1995.

Served 23 yrs. May 1953 til Aug 1975. Last duty station: NAVEDTRAPRODEVCEN at what was Ellyson Field near Pensacola. Wrote TD advancement Exams, TD training manuals. Worked there with Dave Brakefield TDC. Prior to this duty station, I was in NAVEXAM Center for just over 4 years.

Prior duty stations:
ADCOP training at Pensacola Jr. College. I was there with Roy Remington. Had he not given me a lot of assistance I would have had even more difficulty getting thru Trigonometry. I finished there with an AA in Science Education.

Kingsville TX: Training Dept Leading Chief. A miserable job. Sure was glad to excape from there after about a year and a half.

NAVAIRLANT FAETULANT LIASON. I was a "spy" there. I caught new directives coming down the pike and reported them to FAETU. Also served on Airlant Staff. Latter part of job both challeging and a brand new experience. I became an expert paper shuffler.

CPOIC F4 Simulator in Key West. Job good. Fishing Fabulous.

TD A&B Schools Instructor at Memphis. There from about 58 to 63.

Whiting Field Milton Fla. Blue Box Instructor and supply PO and Educationa Instructor. Great place to work.

Memphis for Sonobouy C School. Never saw one of those trainers again. Hated every minute of it because of Memphis Chicken Regs in full bloom.

Naval Air Test Center Patuxent River MD. Great place. Worked under Dewey Sanford and A. J Borkowski (Japanese POW for about 3 years). Very moody man. I shudder to think of his memories.'

'TDA School after Airman School in Norman Oklahoma

Boot Camp in San Diego. H. L. Watson, my company commander. He washed my brain and I emerged with a full military mind set.

For my friends and former shipmates, my e-mail address below is obscured to prevent harvesting by spam-bots.  It will be necessary for you to manually open your e-mail sender/client and type in my address.

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