Jim W. Thurston

TD1 USN Retired

I was a TD1 when I retired in 1975 (September). With the exception of a 2 year stint in Fallon, NV at the EW Range, I was an east coast TD. Retired out of Charleston, SC. Was stationed at NAS Oceana, VA, PAX River, MD on the Willy Victor Trainer, followed it to NAS Jax, FL and spent 4 years there. Went to Fallon from there and then to "B" school. After "B" school went to Charleston, SC on the Sonar Trainers at the Fleet Training Center.

Since Retirement, I have been in Medical Electronics with 4 different companies. Worked as a Field Service Engineer for the first few years and then moved into Service Management and have been there every since. I am about to retire for the second time.

I have been married to the same great Lady (Eleanor) for 40 years, and have 3 kids - all married. I currently live in the Atlanta GA suburbs where I have been for the past 19 years.

I often look back on my days as a TD and think about all the great times I had and the great guys I met. I have lost touch with most of them and some have gone to the great beyond. I hope to be able to attend the next reunion since I will be fully retired with time on my hands.

For my friends and former shipmates, my e-mail address below is obscured to prevent harvesting by spam-bots.  It will be necessary for you to manually open your e-mail client and type in my address.

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