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    2007 News.

  1. Reunion 2007: Per Frank Watts telephone conversation on 2006.JAN.04
    Scheduled for second week of February 2007 Las Vegas, NV
    Details being arranged by Ron Thompson.

  2. Notes from Business Meeting of Tradevman Association
    Several things were discussed and voted on. 

    1. Due to increased mailings cost and other cost involved in maintaining the Association,
      dues were increased to $25 for a two year period.

    2. Officers were elected for unspecified terms or until the next reunion in Orlando in 2008..
      President: Pete Hoyt E-mail address on bottom of his page.
      Vice-President: Vic Vydra
      Treasurer: Frank Watts
      Secretary: Mary Burke
      Historian: Larry Blay
      Membership:  James Hutchinson
      Master Base Search: Willie Williams 
      Members Locater Coordinators
          Bill Andrews
          Larry Goettsch:   Nevada, Utah, Idaho, Montana, South Dakota, North Dakota, Colorado
          Ernie Taylor:   AZ, New Mexico:
           James Hutchinson:  Alabama:
      Newsletter: Mary Burke
      2008 Reunion: Larry Blay.  Site: Orlando, at same time as I/ITSEC

    3. Business Meeting will be held at the Reunion(s).

    4. San Diego is being reviewed for Reunion in 2010.

      To a Page with details

  3. Received from Association President "PETE" Hoyt, 2007.SEP.24


    I just received an e-mail from Hank Okraski.  For those that do not know that name, he was a LONG time employee of the 'Center' and strong TD advocate.  He has long since retired from the center, but was one of the founding fathers of the National Center for Simulation (NCS) and is still part of their board of directors.  He is also a member in good standing of our association.

    He has suggested that the association become a member of the NCS, as there are many advantages in doing so such as visibility for the TD's, simulation news, new technologies, job opportunities, etc. Their website:  www.simulationinformation.com

  4. October 13, 2007:
    Ownership of this web site WWW dot TRADEVMAN dot ORG
    was transferred to James Earl Hutchinson from the
    original owner Jack A. Taylor.

  5. October 14, 2007:
    Member Ed Harrelson sent out an E-Mail informing folks
    he and our President Pete Hoyt were working on an OFFICAL
    web site  www.tradevmanassociation.org

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