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    Significant changes to Web Site in 2005.

  1. 2005MAILOUTLETTER Larry Blay - 2005.JAN.08

  2. 2005.FEB.19 the web hosting company was changed to another Server.
    Courtesy of a former TD2,  Bill Eaton  who operates an ISP business.
    This should solve some 'outages' and 'downtime' experienced lately.

  3. 2005.MAY.30 - Marine USMC TD Personnel Reunion

  4. 2005.SEP.17 - Michael 'Mike' Beck   has also signed on to become a Webmaster,
    his E-Mail Address is below and on his Member Page.
    You may deal with him for things revelant to this webSite.

  5. 2005.SEP.24 - Ober, Robert "Bob" Page added.

  6. 2005.SEP.27 - New picture of Device 1-CA-1 (1CA1) courtesy of Member Bill Rigden
    Near end of time use of the "production line" Blue Boxes.

  7. 2005.OCT.01 - If you have made "Bookmark - Favorite Place" of your Personal Page and it does Not go to it, the Directory/Folder/File Structure of the Web Site is being Revised.   Open ( go to ) the   members/index.html Page   Select your Name, then use the New Folder/Page.   Perhaps Delete the old Bookmark first.

  8. 2005.OCT.07 - A New Discussion Forum for making "Open Comments" about the
    Function and Operation of the TRADEVMAN (TD) Association is at:
    TD ORG Forum Register

  9. 2005.OCT.26 - Mailing List Reactivated.

  10. 2005.OCT.30 - Courtesy of Ed Harrelson:
    A type of "mirror" of www.tradevman.org is being developed modified with a Dark Background and Light Colored Text for people with MSN-TV / WEB-TV viewing devices (television) to eliminate "blossoming, wash-out, over-driven brightness." All 'Links' are not active - all pages are not completed, will be a work in progress for awhile.
    Visit: www.tradevman.laydbaconline.com

  11. 2005.NOV.11 - Cookies - Monitoring - Tracking
    Is Not done on this Web Site to preserve User - Viewer Privacy.

  12. 2005.NOV.11 - Change - Update your E-mail Address
    Please keep it accurate - current - updated.


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