Victor F. Vydra

TDC U.S.N. Retired

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My 20-year illustrious career started on February 14th, 1964 when I arrived at Great Lakes Navel Training Center. At that time my plan was to do 4 years get out and go back to Cleveland, Ohio. I sure am glad it didnt turn out that way. Like most TDs my next stop was Memphis Tennessee then on to my first real duty station NAAS Ream Field, Imperial Beach CA. (thanks Tom Tee). That was the start of my down fall, with mentors like Gary Warner and Tom Snow and leading Chiefs like Walter Martz and Ron Thompson my fate was sealed.

The years went by quickly. Twelve of my 20 were spent on the West Cost, mainly in San Diego. I did return to Great Lakes twice for school (DS A and IC C PLAT Lens) plus another visit to Memphis for B school. My 2 trips to the east coast did not last long 2 years in Dam Neck and 1.5 at NAS JAX.

I was one of the few TDs that went to sea with a 2 year 9 month assignment aboard the U.S.S. Midway (CV-41). When I arrived aboard Midway I was "shanghaied" by the PAO and forced to work on the Ships Entertainment system. This ended up being the best duty assignment of my career.

A newspaper article about my U.S.S. Midway
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We all need to take time to give special thanks to Larry Blay, Pete Hoyt, Ron Thompson and Frank Watts and their wifes, who probably did most of the work, for their efforts in organizing, sponsoring and making our last 3 reunions a great success.

Golf Shirts with the TD emblem embroidered if you want them I can get them. They are more expensive then what is offered by the association but well worth it. Once I find out who is interested I will put a size and price package together. Any proceeds will go the Tradevmen Association and to Jack Taylor to help pay for this Web site. You can contact me at vsqurd@cox.net.


Victor F. "Vic" Vydra TDC USN Retired

aka:  Chief V Squared and  vsqurd

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